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I think Avvoka is a fantastic everything package: the product, the roadmap, and the support. The support I’ve had has been the best support I have ever had working on any product, and I’ve been in IT for 40 years. It’s beyond platinum or VIP, it’s unbelievable.

We have a use case where we generate a suite of Real Estate documents. Since automating the templates on Avvoka, our drafting time has gone down from a full day to an hour and a half from start to finish, it’s fabulous!

Avvoka are a pleasure to work with. They are highly responsive, have a can-do attitude, and bring innovative approaches to document automation. Excited to see how Avvoka continues to develop! 

Avvoka has made our document automation process much more efficient. We've seen significant productivity gains and can't recommend Avvoka highly enough for anyone looking to streamline their legal document creation.

Avvoka's no code automation platform is a crucial tool for any forward thinking business looking to drive efficiencies through document automation. Over the many years that I have worked with Avvoka, their innovative, practical approach and reliable support have consistently impressed me.

Avvoka is one of the best platforms I’ve implemented in my career. It is both easy to use and advanced enough to handle the most complex document automation. The built-in online negotiation and e-signing tools along with exceptional customer service distinguish Avvoka from the competition. Robust and value for money, Avvoka has delivered excellent business value for our operations.

From start to finish, Avvoka is an amazing product. They offer unbelievable support, and listen to the needs of their customers. Avvoka frequently looks to improve their services by adding new features and improving upon their current offerings.

Avvoka has been instrumental in us launching and scaling as an invest-tech startup. Our business relies on delivering document-heavy, complex structures in an automated and efficient way. Avvoka - and especially Avvoka's support team - have been beyond helpful on our journey. 

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